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A note from Zoe:

As our community over at our Facebook Group is growing and our customer base is also growing,  I thought it would be great to start to feature some of our regular customers and our lovely sample sewists!

First up is the lovely Celine,  who going by her colourful, inspiration filled instagram, always seems to be sewing something! 


Hi everyone!

My name is Celine, I am so honoured to be the first guest blogger on the Wild Boar Fabrics blog! Zoe has such a lovely site and it’s been a real pleasure getting to know her and sewing up all her lovely fabrics!

First a little about myself, I'm a born and bred Singaporean, an ex-lawyer turned homemaker. My time is mainly spent sorting out my 3 kids aged 9, 7 & 4, and all the ancillary “administration” that comes with it! I am also a fully certified Pilates instructor and have been teaching for the last 10 years.

Like many of us, I first learnt to sew in Home Ec at school. I really enjoyed it and even volunteered for enrichment Home Ec classes much to the horror of my school mates! I was very lucky that my school had invested in high quality equipment and my first experience sewing was with a Bernina sewing machine. I remember wanting to buy the same sewing machine after I left school, looking at the price tag and realising that I wouldn’t be able to afford that with my pocket money and so along with the excitement of teenage life, sewing was quickly forgotten! 

About 9 years ago, one of my super creative and “crafty” best friends told me that she had decided to take up sewing again because she wanted to sew her own clothes and that immediately reignited that thought of owning a sewing machine myself. I had always dabbled in all manner of crafts from knitting and crochet to needlework so picking up sewing again was a natural transition. I told my husband that I wanted a sewing machine for my next birthday so he did some research and went out and bought me my first machine. Unfortunately, it sat in its box for about 2 years before I attempted to use it! 

Like most sewists, I started with cotton wovens for my first projects, sewing dresses for my only daughter at the time. I began with some free sewing patterns available online and then moved on to Japanese sewing books as I really liked their clean looks and simple styles.

Shortly after, I discovered the world of PDF patterns and have never looked back. The range of PDF patterns available out there is simply mind blowing and once I learnt to sift out the better indie pattern companies, I was spoilt by the comprehensive instructions and instant gratification of printing them out and sewing them without having to trace and add seam allowances.

To push myself to improve, I would also sign up to do pattern testing for some indie pattern companies till it was somewhat of an addiction at one stage. In the last couple of years however, I have cut down on that significantly as I have made a pact to sew more for myself and to sew patterns I really love! I have an enormous database of patterns which I have bought in addition to the ones from pattern testing and simply not enough time to sew them all up!

Since Zoe was very kind to send me some samples of her first custom designed collection “Jungle & Sea”, I was more than happy to put it to use for one of the patterns on my long list!

The first sample I received was this lovely Leopards on Pink rayon.  It was perfect for the recently released Marcel Top and Dress pattern by one of my favourite designers - Chalk and Notch patterns!

For those of you interested, the pattern comes in both top, knee and maxi lengths and also has a little girl version of the pattern. I didn’t think that the sample I had would be enough for a dress so a top it would have to be. In the end I was surprised that I used just slightly over half a metre and I definitely think I have enough left for a Mini Marcel!

lovely leopards on pink rayon custom fabric print

custom print fabric watercolour leopards on pink rayon

The second sample that Zoe had sent was a lovely piece of the lightweight cotton lycra that she is offering in Leopards on Navy

 I absolutely love sewing with knit fabric, both for myself as well as for my kids as it is just practical and comfortable as well as being quick to sew up! With this knit I auditioned patterns for quite a few days before settling on one of my favourite tank patterns - the Sinclair Rio tank

Sinclair patterns are one of my favourites because she has blocks for petite, regular and tall. It means I don’t have to make any adjustments for my petite height at all! I had initially wanted to make the dress version of this pattern but I realised that the lighter weight knit would probably be more flattering as a top rather than as a dress.


The light weight cotton lycra offered was truly lovely to wear but a little more challenging to sew with. Usually, I work with cotton lycra of about 250g and there is minimal rolling.  The lighter weight definitely made the edges roll more, which was a little more fiddly especially when dealing with the skinny binding pieces but it wasn’t anything that a lot of wonder clips couldn’t sort out!

The final result was worth the extra fuss as this is a great lightweight top that’s perfect for the current humid weather here in Hong Kong! 

Now the only decision left for me is to consider which colour way and substrate I need to hoard! Don’t forget the pre-order closes tomorrow, so get your orders in! 

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