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  • Warmest, comfiest sew - ever.

    I have lived in this sweater the last few days. It is just so comfy and soft. It’s warm without making me feel like I am wearing a massive heavy jumper, it’s thin enough to comfortably put a jacket over it or a vest under it.  I think this might end up being my most worn, most favourite make this winter.  I have plans for another already in the lotus red, dark heathered grey and black, but I don’t think I will bother to colour block the sleeves.
  • You get a bomber jacket! You get a bomber jacket and you get a bomber jacket!

    I hope you read that title in Oprah's voice.

    I cannot believe I made three bomber jackets in 2 days. I don't quite know how I did it! 

  • Last week, I made my first ever swimsuit. Despite sewing for years, it is the one thing I have always put off trying.

    I had this weird idea that it would be incredibly difficult and sewing swimsuits was something that only MEGA EXPERT level sewists should attempt. Who was I to even be considering it?!

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