You get a bomber jacket! You get a bomber jacket and you get a bomber jacket!

I hope you read that title in Oprah's voice.

I cannot believe I made three bomber jackets in 2 days. I don't quite know how I did it!  

Well, actually I do. Lots of caffeine and loud music.  This fabric is an absolute dream to sew with and the pattern was so easy to follow. 

Still, I am patting myself on the back because 3 wearable jackets in 2 days is quite the feat for me, on top of homeschooling and running the site and keeping the kids from trying to kill each other. 

I have wanted to make a bomber for myself for so long, I've just never quite found a fabric I loved enough or a pattern that convinced me I could follow it well enough to not make a total shit show of installing the zipper and chin guard. 

Turns out. As usual those fears were completely unfounded. 

Well almost. Read on. 

852 sent me these gorgeous double brushed poly fabrics from their upcoming pre- order round, and as soon as I saw the grey toile I KNEW it was what I had been waiting for. 

Sadly, there wasn't enough for me to do the sleeves in it but luckily, since I own a fabric store, I have mountains of fabric at home and our Cotton Lycra was a perfect coordinating fabric for my sleeves and I had colours to match the cuffs, collar and waistband for all 3 jackets. 

I dug through my patterns and decided on the Patterns for Pirates Go To Jacket, because I had both the adult and the youth pattern, meaning only one set of instructions to follow. 

I started with mine first. The pattern comes together really quickly as it's not lined.  I got everything on except the zipper and chin guard in one evening.  I likely could've finished it in one sitting but I was worried that in my sleepy state I would mess up getting the waistband lined up and the zipper on straight. 

So glad I waited till the morning. I don't know what hocus pocus was at work but OH MY GOD - I got it right first time. No unpicking, no swearing, no nothing.  I did use wash away double sided tape to help keep the zipper straight while I basted it on but I have NEVER EVER managed to do a jacket zip first time. 


Just look at that!

Of course, I took that excitement, ran with it and jumped straight into making Joel's jacket. Slightly fiddlier since he is much smaller than me, however the jacket at one point looked so tiny I was worried I had cut the wrong size. 

Zipper did not go on quite so easily this time, my serger started skipping stitches so there was a cleaning and oiling break and some new needles put in... still not great, especially with the top stitching and it is REALLY had to unpick small stitches out of DBP without making holes in it.  

Still, it's wearable and he is pretty happy with it - I say pretty because he decided after I made it that he did actually want a hood on it. (He told me no hood the 5 times I asked if he was sure!)  


Kara's jacket is a whole other story.  I do not know what on earth I managed to do, but the collar does not line up when it's zipped up and my machine did not want to topstitch at all.  I need to go get another zip, take a deep breath and start unpicking. 


Perhaps I just got over confident... wait. I know I got over confident. 3rd time sewing a pattern? Yeh I got this. 


It hasn't put me off making any more though,  I think I would increase the seam allowance when attaching the zipper as I'm finding it a little difficult to zip and unzip without getting the fabric caught which makes it a bit tricky for the kids to put them on independently. 

I am eyeing up my stash and thinking about making one in my 852 Jungle cotton lycra.  The pattern itself is so easy to follow and they link to some great video tutorials for the zip. Super clear, step by step instructions. 

The real star here is the fabric. So soft and light, but the printing is sharp and detailed.  It is so comfortable to wear,  they feel like a certain very expensive yoga wear brand without the hefty price tag. I cannot wait till the weather cools down a bit. I think I'll be wearing this baby all winter! 



What have you been sewing this week? How are you all finding back to school and online learning? 



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