Mettler Seraflex 120 : Elasticated Thread

  • 130 meters per spool

SERAFLEX is the perfect sewing thread for highly elastic seams. Due to its innovative raw materialPTT (37% renewable raw material) SERAFLEX makes the straight stitch extremely stretchable, in the best case even a doubling of the seam elasticity can be achieved compared to seams with conventional sewing threads.

Due to its extremely elastic properties SERAFLEX is primarily used for as sewing outerwear, sportswear as well as for lingerie and underwear.

Instructions for use: use both as needle and bobbin thread; thread tension as loose as possible.

  • HK$35.00
Black 4000
White 2000
Summer Sun 0120
Country Red 0504
Shell 0082
Sweet Boy 0818
Fire Blue 1078
Aqua 0408
Fuchsia 1421
Deep Purple 0046
Bright Mint 0092
Dark Green 0216
Olive Drab 0420
Ash Mist 0331
Winterberry 0106